Websites + Visibility with Yian Quach

If you're a creative entrepreneur with a website, you're going to want to hear this episode. Yian Quach of House Digital Design is giving his tips for creating a compelling portfolio, adding an easy (and polished!) video, and evaluating your website using twelve important criteria. Plus, we get him to talk about his newest project, Swagfolio. 

**Bonus points if you can name all the times Dixie had to mute herself because her dogs were roughhousing in the other room**

Show Notes:

Yian Quach, principle designer at House Digital

Yian Quach ("Ian Kwah") has been crisscrossing design events all around the country with his camera and microphone--hanging out, interviewing, and photographing designers for Tastefully Inspired, including celebs Kelli Ellis, Christopher Guy, Michael Berman, Barrie Livingstone, Robin Baron, and others. But that's just what he does for fun. For work, Yian designs websites for interior designers and other creative entrepreneurs. his clients have been published in prestigious magazines including Architectural Digest, Luxe, Hudson Mod, and Editor at Large. Whether it's photography or web design, when lights Yian's fire is the puzzle solving and storytelling elements of digital design. Yian is based in New York and is originally from Seattle, Washington. His favorite things include listening to audiobooks and photographing cats. 



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