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So how ARE your blog posts and website pages looking these days? Do they scream HIRE ME or just kind of whimper hello?

Show Notes:

Misha Hettie, Uncommonly Good Biz

Misha Hettie, Uncommonly Good Biz

Misha is an oh-so-fun copywriter who cannot escape her strong “oldest kid” tendencies to plan, improve, lead and teach. She helps small business owners and creative entrepreneurs find their voice and turn their ho-hum web copy into a clear and compelling sales story over at

Misha is bossed around daily by her ridiculously attractive progeny Beckett, Grey Fox and Holiday and enjoys being catered to by her husband Chris (aka the Bringer of Chipotle). She belongs to the political party Pie Is Better Than Cake… and PS? That’s not really her natural hair color.

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