Visibility Through Your Work with Daniel Whicker

Today we got to speak with Daniel Whicker, the director of the Contract Division at Furnitureland South. We discussed the importance of visibility in your work, as well as the influence a work space can have on yourself, and others around you.

Show Notes:

Daniel Whicker, Director of Contract Division for Furnitureland South

Daniel Whicker – I’m the Director of the Contract Division for Furnitureland South, the world’s largest furniture store. Prior to joining Furnitureland, I managed Steelcase dealerships in Asheville, North Carolina and previously in East Tennessee. My education is in Business and Marketing where I have an MBA from Methodist University. When I graduated, I was the Head Golf Professional for an exclusive private golf club, The Olde Farm. I transitioned into the furniture business in 2012 when given the chance to develop business strategies for a multi-location furniture dealership. I grew up in Thomasville NC right in the center of the furniture capital of the world but none of my family has been in the furniture business. 


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