Visibility Stories Episode 8 - Jecks Lea

Jecks Lea - Persona Abode Interiors

Jecks is a London based designer who is a eclectic as she wants to be. She set up Persona Abode and is shaping it to design sensory experiences beneficial to your wellbeing, whilst also honouring the planet & championing world causes.

Her appreciation of interior design comes from the experiences of being terrified to be at home. After enduring domestic violence whilst growing up and again as an adult, Jecks understands how the sanctuary of home disappears when you feel unsafe. Knowing this loss alters how you feel about yourself, and how you show up in the world, Jecks is happiest creating the most personal environments that we inhabit.

Having fallen down the rabbit hole of building conservation, Jecks studied interior design to get herself back on the creative path she meandered from at 19. Since graduating, she’s taking her time to lay a solid foundation for her visions.

After being intrigued about vegan design, Jecks added cruelty free design to her study list. In 2017 she became one of the first UK designers to be certified and will use this knowledge to pass on to clients and fellow designers. 

Jecks is enthusiastic about making design accessible to all as everyone should be able to navigate through spaces without losing their dignity. Therefore, she likes to support locals businesses to help strengthening local economies, companies with strong ethical stances and also those who care about the pools of communities affected by hardship.



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