Visibility Stories Episode 6 - Susan Rains

Susan Rains - Susan Rains Design

I’m Susan Rains, owner of Susan Rains Design, and I help people create homes that improve their health and well-being while celebrating what makes them happy. My special focus is on working with clients over age 55 who want a home that is easier to live in now and allows them to be a bit more ready for the future. Specifically, I help increase the value you experience from your home, by making it more accessible, safe and comfortable for everyone, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Unlike other Interior Designers, I have a down to earth approach that incorporates your belongings into beautiful designs for your home.

I have an M.S. in Interior Design from Drexel. Not just because I have design skills and appreciate beautiful things but because I can make a difference in people’s overall health and happiness by enhancing the look, feel, and function of the spaces they live in.

Always the student, I cultivate my design skills, resources, and product knowledge through active membership in the International Furniture & Design Association (IFDA) and by attending trade shows, conferences, and events throughout the year.

My love affair with design began with my Mother. I was her constant companion to flea markets, auctions, and junk shops. Looking back, I see how her passion honed my eclectic taste, eye for quality and love of the hunt. When I’m not designing, I love being outside with my husband and son.

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