Visibility Stories Episode 3 - Jen Pollard

Jen Pollard

Hi, I'm Jen! I will admit I walk to the beat of my own drum. I rock out to music from Eddie Vedder's solo stuff to the Gorillaz. I am the sportiest of tomboys but love an occasion to put on some heels and strut my (then) 6' tall frame around. I'm a foodie when I can be, but comfort foods will always include Velveeta shells and cheese and Suzy Q's. 
And you know what? That's what makes me the perfect interior designer for you. I love working with clients who appreciate rooms with soul. Rooms with quirk. Because if you wanted all cookie-cutter and buttoned-up, there are catalogs and storerooms. But you and me? We're all about a carefully curated, comfortable space. That celebrates the fabulous people we are.

So pop on over to my website and say "hi"! I'd love to meet you!


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