Visibility Stories Episode 2 - Shelly Herman


Shelly lives in small town Celina, Ohio.  She had originally put her career on hold in order to raise her five children who are now all grown.  Shelly first started an interior painting business when she lived in Indiana. In the success of the painting business, she started to consider interior design. Shelly started studing design at Ivy Tech in South Bend, IN and loved it. She also worked for a contractor for several years and learned a lot about the construction side of things. Before being able to finish her degree, unforseen circumstances brought Shelly back to Ohio. However, she continued her painting business and is developing her own design business in the process.  Grace Interiors, named after her only daughter, Gracie is her passion. So, desipite things not going quite as planned, she is not giving up on her dream.

Grace Interiors

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