Visibility Stories Episode 12 - Jessica Duce

Jessica Duce - JDuce Design

Based in Parker, just outside of Denver, Colorado.
We are a full-service interior design firm.

We do residential and commercial design.  This last year we have added a speciality in VRBO and AirBnB design.

I am a Revolution Performance Fabric brand ambassador.

I am the newest chapter of Savvy Giving by Design for Colorado.

My first design appointment was when I was 12.  I carried fabric books for my mom into her appointment.  She is a now retired Interior Designer.  At the appointment, I listened to my mom explain design details.  I loved it.  I felt so confident and familiar with this world because of her that I even interjected my opinion for the design plan.  My mom asked me to go wait in the car.
Lessons learned early.

I actually started college for archeology at Napa Valley College.  I am a huge history buff.  But - dirt and low pay could not compete with my interior design upbringing.

I have co-owned a firm in Omaha, NE.  Sold it. I went back on my own and then was recruited by a Design Firm.  Great experience.  I was the only one with out letters at the end of my name.  So I had them add RFL on my business card (instead of ASID).  No one ever asked me what that was.  It means “random fake letters”.

I loved it at the firm but my husband was relocated to Denver.  I started over again.  And it has been GREAT!  Very happy and loving our niche.

We have projects in Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, Oregon, and California.


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