Visibility + Licensing with Mark McDonough

Going through the highs and lows of interior design client cycles can be a challenge, but having licensed products on the market will go a long way to evening out your business's cash flow. If you've ever thought about doing product design and licensing, you're going to want to listen in! We also chat about how marketing and visibility work together to lead you to the right relationships to get those licensing agreements. 


Show Notes:

Mark McDonough, Founder and Editor of Tastefully Inspired

Mark is proudest of being a father of three amazing girls who inspire him daily. Normally when he is blogging he has the youngest on his lap wanting a sip of his coffee. His motto for everything he does is “Family First”.

With over 20 years of marketing expertise growing brands and making them explode online Mark also has a thriving marketing business.  Mark has worked building the brands of various top designers like The Roger Thomas CollectionClodagh DesignTimothy CorriganTerry HunzikerLori Weitzner and many more. He also has worked with manufacturers like Restoration HardwareGlobal ViewsStudio A Home, and Rocky Mountain Hardware.  

Mark believes the world of design is changing and good design more than ever needs to be seen.  This is why he decided to create Tastefully Inspired to showcase the true Tastemakers.



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