Own Your Visibility with Barbara Viteri

If there's one message you'll take away from today's episode, it's how to be bold and unapologetic when it comes to owning your visibility. Listen in as Barbara Viteri shares her "uncomfortably real" take on the design industry and getting visible. (And some ways her Designerlebrity™ platform can help YOU get noticed.)

Show Notes:

Barbari Viteri, Designerlebrity

Barbara Viteri is a self-made business woman with an unwavering entrepreneurial mindset. A native New Yorker raised in Brooklyn’s most volatile housing projects, her education consisted of nurturing her grit, mastering her gut instincts and being unapologetically authentic. 

In 2014, Barbara seized the opportunity to launch her brand, Designerlebrity™. Pioneering a path to innovate and cultivate a digital platform that provides an unfiltered spotlight on celebrity interior designers and the design industry. While creating a new media space, she partnered with The Design Network in 2014 to become the creator, executive producer, and host of a talk  show called; Designerlebrity™ Talk. It became the industry’s first cutting edge online talk show that captivated media attention. From being on multiple covers of magazines to contributing to online publications. The Designerlebrity brand got noticed.

Barbara Viteri launched Designerlebrity.com in October 2016. More than a passion project, but a bold and unapologetic approach of building a brand on her terms. Designerlebrity.com focuses on celebrity interior designer news, headlines, products, events and exclusives. Becoming a media source for entertainment as well as an interior design TV correspondent. The online media platform is also known for its unique industry parties and unconventional panel discussions. 

Barbara is known in the industry as being "uncomfortably real", but as she would respond..."I'm comfortable with that."


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