Narrowing Your Focus with Bobbie McGrath

Bobbie McGrath talks with us about being honest with yourself when it comes to your wants and needs so you can narrow your focus and get the business of your dreams.

Show Notes:

Bobbie McGrath, founder of Successful Staging

Bobbie McGrath’s understanding of how to discuss hot-button items in a positive and empowering way has allowed her to thrive in the home staging world. Launching Successful Staging in 2004, Bobbie has consulted and/or Staged over 6,000 homes. Always looking for the opportunity to educate home sellers and Realtors about the benefits of Staging Bobbie created a Staging education course approved by the state of North Carolina currently being taught in Australia. She has co-authored two best-selling books, "Marketing For the Staging and Design Industry" and "Home Staging-The Power That Sells Real Estate". Bobbie truly believes that an educated client, whether a home seller or Realtor, is the key to a successful home staging experience.

Bobbie's understanding of how the words you choose can instill client confidence has been a cornerstone of her training for home stagers. You will find her teaching online courses, speaking to home staging groups, mentoring/coaching fellow stagers, being interviewed on international podcasts and webinars, always looking for ways to help stagers realize their individual strengths. Whether discussing marketing strategies or discussing the often touchy subjects we need to address her goal is to position you as the “go-to” expert in your market! 

When asked what she has planned for the future her response was, "Our industry has really matured over the time I've been in business. There is a lot of specialization that has developed over the years. I'd love to share how you can create a strong consultation business even if you live in a small town. Everyone can benefit from home staging. I'd love to spread the word!” 


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