Getting Visible with Ravi Tiwari of Chandra

With Fall Market at High Point coming up soon, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Ravi Tiwari of Chandra. Not only are Chandra's hand-crafted rugs absolutely gorgeous, but Chandra is also hosting an event for Design+Style on Sunday, October 15th at 2 PM. A panel discussion about sharing your design story will be a big part of the meetup and will be broadcast over Facebook Live!

Show Notes:

Ravi Tiwari, Vice President of  Chandra

Ravi Tiwari, Vice President of Chandra

As a family business, Chandra follows a clear purpose. Led by president and founder Chandra Tiwari, a true groundbreaker within the rug industry, and joined by his sons, Ravi and Shashi Tiwari, Chandra caters to your heightened sense of style, demand for comfort, and concept of value. Combining Chandra's unmatched resources and Ravi's passion for a modern lifestyle, father and sons solidly became curators of the dynamic brand known as Chandra.


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