Getting Visible with Alyssa Turner Cairns

Show Notes:

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As a busy mama who runs her own business, cares for two kiddos full-time, and has aspirations of doing #allthethings, Alyssa knows how important it is to have a home that functions smoothly and makes you HAPPY to be there. When your home is harmonious, so are the people in it. 

Alyssa left a full-time career as a community college educator to manage the renovation and design of a fixer-upper home and to have time with her little ones (before they grow up!).  She currently calls West Michigan home, and landed there from southern Indiana by way of 7 years living and working in downtown Chicago. 

She and her husband love to cook, travel, and explore nature with their kids. When she’s not building her online home design business or mom-ing, Alyssa is probably refinishing furniture, writing in her bullet journal, or stealing five minutes to enjoy her coffee while it’s still hot!

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