Business of Design with Kimberley Seldon

Starting and running your own business can get pretty messy when you have to figure everything out on your own. But what if you could learn from others' mistakes instead? Kimberley Seldon is here with us today to share some of the messy bits she's had to deal with in her design business, how she overcame them, and some suggestions to help you avoid having to learn things the hard way. (If you haven't read her books or listened to her podcast yet, you definitely should!)

Show Notes:

Kimberley Seldon, Business of Design

About Kimberley:
Kimberley Seldon founded her design firm over two decades ago and gained her industry knowledge through consistently satisfying clients, streamlining business systems, improving staff retention and growing profitability. To Kimberley, the successful design professional's formula is: 80% business and 20% creativity. That's the sweet spot that lets you love your job again.

About Business of Design:
As interior design professionals, we LOVE our work because it matters so much. We want our clients to get our best every time, because it’s going to affect the way they live for years to come. But doing our best work isn’t possible if we can’t dedicate ourselves to it. And we can’t dedicate ourselves to it if doesn’t earn us a living.

That was my story, once. I’ve always been passionate about what I do, but I used to find it hard to keep that passion alive and be truly creative while I struggled with managing clients, being efficient and getting paid fairly for my work. It was hard on my confidence. Finally, I did something about it. With the best professional advice and business coaching I could find, I developed a system for design management that helped me do better work by running a better business. The lessons of that journey are the inspiration for Business of Design.
Business of Design is for every passionate, talented designer who feels blocked by those same challenges. Our mission is to liberate your talent and skill by showing you how to run a business that supports you, empowers you, and lets you love your work again.


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