Blogging and Visibility with Carla Aston

This week on the podcast we have Carla Aston. Carla is a Texas-based interior designer whose boutique design firm focuses primarily on remodel design. Twice weekly in her design blog, Designed with Carla Aston, Carla shares tips, advice, projects and all kinds of design goodness with her readers. This week we'll be talking to her about how she uses her blog as an additional income stream, how having comments turned on in your blog can help boost your SEO, and using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Show Notes:

Carla Aston, Designed w/Carla Aston

Carla Aston is a Texas based interior designer with a boutique design firm in The Woodlands, a northern suburb of Houston, focusing primarily on remodel design. A BFA in Interior Design, NCIDQ certification, and ASID Professional member, along with 9 years of work in both small and large architectural design firms, provide her with a strong background in design and construction. 

Carla writes a design blog, Designed w/Carla Aston, where she shares her passion and interest in interior design. She shares tips, advice, projects, and all kinds of design goodness with her readers, twice weekly, in her posts. She also writes ebook guides for sale on her website that consist of some of the most common design dilemmas she has seen and consulted on through the years, with their solutions.

After her inbox started filling up with messages from readers requesting quick looks at design problems, Carla branched out into e-consultations where she addresses homeowner design questions via email. 


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