Authentic Visibility with Michelle Wintersteen

This week on the podcast we have Michelle Wintersteen. Michelle was the brand designer and creative director behind MKW Graphics, a freelance design agency that specializes in helping small businesses turn their brand visions into beautifully functional visuals. Join us as we find out how she combines being a digital nomad with visibility for her own business and how you can produce less content and get more impact by being authentic and having a specific brand strategy.

Show Notes:

Michelle Wintersteen, founder of MKW Graphics

Michelle is a brand designer, travel junkie, and all-around creative who works with entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to define, design and grow their brand for a visual world.

Michelle’s passion for good design led her to study Visual Arts and Art History at the University of San Diego. After graduating with her two degrees, she followed her family’s entrepreneurial footsteps and founded MKW Graphics in 2014. Since then, she has helped hundreds of small business owners (in San Diego and beyond) create visually compelling yet marketing-minded brands.

MKW Graphics goes beyond basic graphic design. The MKW Graphics design experience pulls creative inspiration from travel (38 countries and counting!), collaboration with diverse professionals, a mixing of unique aesthetics, and a dash of sass. MKW Graphics is passionate about designing brands that are beautifully functional from print to digital, web to social.


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