Why We All Need a Visibility Advocate (Or Two!) by Laura Brzegowy

We all know a “Dee Dee the Designer”. Photos of her work constantly blow up your Instagram feed, her Facebook Live videos greet you daily, and her Pinterest boards are followed by thousands of adoring fans. In fact, more than one of your clients has mentioned Dee Dee’s posts to you.

While Dee Dee is “shamelessly” splashing her work all over social media, you’ve chosen to “keep it classy”. You believe clients looking for an interior designer will (magically) find your website, view your work, and chose to hire you.

Could your minimalist approach to social media be challenging your bottom line? After all, you currently have zero clients in the pipe line. Could the fact that Dee Dee, and her work, being so easily found all over the internet have anything to do with why she’s booked solid? For the next 6 months?

The answer to these questions is, “I’m afraid so, friend”. While visibility is indeed a buzz word right now, the simple truth is that those working like busy bees to build their social media presence are reaping great rewards. They know that social media is the honey that lures potential clients their direction.

If I learned anything in 2017, it’s that visibility is one of the simplest distinctions that can be made between you and your competition. This nugget of knowledge came to me while listening to Dixie Willard and Rachel Moriarty’s Design+Style podcast.

Notice I didn’t say it’s an easy distinction, but simple. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, and that’s simply not the case. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and being intentional with your visibility can affect the quantity of ideal clients you work with in 2018. If that’s not something to aspire to, than I truly don’t know what is.

To that end, Dixie and Rachel also created their uber popular Design + Style Club, and Design + Style Visibility Lab. “The Club” is a fun, online hang out for like minded individuals complete with frequent challenges to ease you in to more visibility. “The Lab” is a membership based group that focuses on the latest techniques and tools to help you be more visible while showcasing your specific brilliance. There are weekly online Office Hours, monthly topics with in-depth worksheets, monthly trainings exclusive to just “The Lab”, and monthly Visibility Support Sessions where everyone comes together to learn tricks from Dixie and Rachel.

So just what IS Design + Style? It’s the brainchild of “design besties” Dixie Willard and Rachel Moriarty; two designers working on opposite ends of the country bringing a like mind to Interior Design visibility. What qualifies the pair to bring the ins and outs of visibility to the design community? For one, each is a master in one of the two realms; visibility in-person and online.

Dixie Willard feels right at home volunteering in her community and making new connections in person. Each volunteering experience brings her the supreme satisfaction that she’s fulfilled a need, while getting to know possible future prospects in person.  Rachel Moriarty is a whiz in front of the video camera and connects daily through informational Facebook Live videos aimed to educate her fans. Both are being visible in ways that feel natural to them, making them spot on perfect mentors to help you do the same.

With Dixie and Rachel’s expert guidance in the Design + Style Visibility Lab, I achieved more in the fourth quarter of 2017 than I thought possible. First, I consciously stepped out from behind my “safe” computer to mingle with the movers and shakers of the industry I work in. I then shot a couple of Facebook Live videos that were pertinent to, and popular with, my local audience. From there, I received interview invitations from both a real estate and interior design podcast that put me in front of my local as well as a national audience.

Dixie and Rachel also encouraged me to write to my blog after a lengthy interruption. That ultimately led me to create a new website opt-in that’s helping convert casual readers into more regular ones. And finally, I was invited to join the Board of Directors of a local non-profit agency. That agency has asked that I single-handedly spearhead an initiative to finance and re-design a retail space and its dressing rooms. Whew! What a final quarter, huh?

If your wish for 2018 includes creating a bigger splash in your business to skyrocket your profits, then you absolutely must join Dixie and Rachel’s Design + Style Visibility Lab. There you will learn the latest and greatest techniques from two of the best in the visibility business. The value they bring to the Design + Style Visibility Lab far exceeds its nominal membership fee, making it a business expense “no brainer”.  Truly, the only thing you have to “lose” is your less-than-stellar visibility and that, my friend, is what 2018 should be all about.