Weekly Roundup - May 11, 2018

What a week!

Between technical difficulties with Coffee Talk on Monday, high pollen counts everywhere, and rushing to meet the One Room Challenge deadline, we've been channeling our inner Tim Gunn and making it work. The good news is it's Friday and time to relax with our weekly roundup.

Out of curiosity, what are your weekend plans? Hit reply and let us know!

In the meantime, I'm off to enjoy pizza and an adult beverage out on the back porch. It's a seriously beautiful evening and I don't want to miss it. You enjoy your evening, too!


Design and Style Happy Hour

Bloody Maria

Just in case you have any tequila left over from last weekend, we found an easy Bloody Mary recipe that uses tequila in the place of vodka. Using up leftovers and drinking tomato juice--won't Mom be proud?

Get the recipe here>>>

Our Pro Tip of the Week

Design+Style Pro Tip

Let's Talk GDPR

Have you heard about GDPR? Are you ready for it? If not, now's the time to find out how it will affect your business. We're not lawyers, but we found a GDPR webinar by a couple of ladies who are. 

Sign up for it here>>>


Our Favorite Finds of the Week

What The Heck Are Brand Guides & Why You Need Them - "Brand Guides, Brand Styles, Brand Manuals, Brand Bibles... Although there are many names for what Brand Guides are, they essentially are made up of the same things. In this blog, I am breaking down what goes into the Brand Guides I design for my clients!"

The EU GDPR: What To Know About The EU's General Data Protection Regulation - "The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), the most significant change to data protection in three decades, becomes effective on May 25, 2018." It's not fun, but it is important.

The 25 Best Looks Celebrities Wore to the 2018 Met Gala - The historical references to both architecture and fashion are gorgeous!

Working with Mother - Jane Dagmi of Designers Today writes about "four mother-daughter design teams with whom she recently crossed paths share thoughts on this family work dynamic proving that it works... Grab a tissue." 


The Design Network - Design+Style Podcast Webinar

Not quite sure what TDN is?

Now's your chance to find out! Come join us on Tuesday, May 15th at 12:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 AM Pacific when we're hosting a webinar with special guests from The Design Network to walk you through the benefits of being a TDN Trade Direct member and what you need to do to sign up.

(By the way, this is the first in a series of webinars designed to help you become more familiar with TDN, optimize your profile, and gain valuable visibility.)


In case you missed it...

Coffee Talk - This week's Coffee Talk gave us a bit of trouble when trying to connect Zoom to Facebook. Did that stop us from doing it? Never!

Design+Style Celebrates Allergy Awareness Month - Did you know that May is Allergy Awareness Month? We explained why it's important to us in this short video.

On the Podcast
Tuesday Collaborating + Visibility with The Decorettes - Here at Design+Style, we're big fans of collaboration and one of our favorite dynamic duos is Ms. Paper Moon, Stephanie Owens and Ms. Glamour Nest, Jessica McClendon! Together, they are the Decorettes, sharing their bewitching branding and swanky systems with creative entrepreneurs everywhere and chatting about the ups and downs of being business owners.

Wednesday Visibility Stories Episode 10 - Staci Nugent - One of the best things about the Design+Style Club is getting to hear about our members' visibility journeys. Today, we're talking to Staci Nugent of Staci Nugent Design!

Design+Style Book Clubs

Speaking of books, we've got two book clubs - one for business books and one for fiction books. Come join us!

Design+Style Business Book Club
Currently ReadingBig Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
Next Meeting: May 17th at 7 PM Eastern/ 4 PM Pacific **The time for our May meeting has been moved up an hour.**
Design+Style Fiction Book Club 
Currently ReadingThe Alice Network by Kate Quinn
Just Finished: I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll
Next Meeting: June 14th at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific