Weekly Roundup - February 2, 2018

Quick Question: Are you a Visibility Warrior?

This week we announced our upcoming seven-week course 7 Cs to Becoming a Visibility Warrior. If you're ready to embrace all that you are and be the warrior we know you to be, you're not going to want to miss this!

We shared some exciting things coming to Mydoma as well. Be sure to check out the latest Coffee Talk for all the details! (See the link at the bottom of this email.)


Red Wine Sangria

Red Wine Sangria from Alton Brown

Red Wine Sangria from Alton Brown

With all the exciting news we shared this week, we thought this would be a fun way to celebrate. Check out this easy recipe from Alton Brown! 

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Our Pro Tip of the Week

Design+Style Pro Tip

Liza Jones asked a great question about gold vs. silver jewelry in the Design+Style Club this week. Asking a question like that on your business page is a perfect way to encourage engagement. Try it and let us know how it went!


Our Favorite Finds of the Week

Truth Potato - 30+ Bitter Truths from Truth Potato That Will Make You Think. (Heads up, it does have a bit of strong language.)

My Modern Met - 3-D Fashion Illustrations Use Unexpected Objects to Create Magnificent Evening Dresses. Seriously, you've got to check these out. We'd love to wear some of these!

The Interior Designer's Sourcing Source - Finally! A Facebook group for designers to help each other recommend finishes, furniture, and other trade sources. Thanks, Stacy and Becky!


In case you missed it...

Coffee Talk - We talk about fun findings from Las Vegas Market as well as some exciting new opportunities in this week's Coffee Talk. You won't want to miss the juicy details!

On the Podcast- Visbility + Profits with Veronica Solomon - Who knew that visibility and profit had the perfect marriage? Veronica shares different, but easy ways to increase your visibility and how that helps bring on the clients. We also got to hear a little bit about the wonderful things she has planned this year.

Design+Style Book Clubs

We've got two!! One for business books and one for fiction books. There's still time to join either (or both!) before the first virtual meetings.

Design+Style Business Book Club
Currently reading: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk
First Meeting: Thursday, February 15th at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific

Design+Style Fiction Book Club
Currently reading: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan
Don't forget our first meeting will be this Thursday (the 8th) at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific!


On the blog

How to GO RED With Your Home Decor - Did you know today is national wear red day? Rachel shared why today is so important to her as well as tips on how to go red in your home!

Thinking About the Visibility Lab? - Ever considered joining the Visibility Lab? In case ou’re not familiar with Visibility Lab, it’s a membership group that covers everything you need to know about visibility both online and offline. Be sure to check out our tips for common concerns if you are still on the fence about joining us over there.