Weekly Roundup - January 12, 2018

Design and Style weekly roundup

This week was the Visibility Challenge. How'd you do? (If you missed out on it, don't worry! We've got the links in the In Case You Missed It section at the bottom of this post.) 

Visiblity Challenge week is always one of our favorite times. It's so much fun to see so many of you getting out there and showing up! And people get super creative with their posts, too. (Sometimes they get super creative at trying to do the challenge without showing their faces.) We also love how encouraging Design+Style Club members are to each other. It makes us grin every time!

If you aren't ready to be the face of your business or if going out and making in-person connections scares the pants off of you, come join us in the Visibility Lab. We'll give you the support you need to overcome your nerves and get out there.

Penicillin Cocktail 

Penicillin Cocktail from  Now This Booze

Penicillin Cocktail from Now This Booze

Cold and flu season is kicking our butts. This cocktail? Perfect for this time of year. (Special thanks to Drinkers Union Local No. 1 for sharing this with us!)

Get the recipe »

Our Pro Tip of the Week

Design+Style Pro Tip

With the new changes to Facebook, it's a good time to evaluate how you use your Facebook business page. Don't give up, just improvise, adapt, and overcome. We'll be talking more about this live next week, so stay tuned!


Our Favorite Finds of the Week

We’re Not Friends, Just Peers (And Other Lessons From 2017 That Changed My Life) - An interesting take on some mindset issues by Jonathan Jackson. By the way, we'd love to hear what you think about this article in the Design+Style Club!

Restoration - Austin Kleon has a new use for those giant Restoration House catalogs. 

Ready for the Snow - Another winter storm with extra frigid temps next week? We could all use a bit of humor.

In case you missed it...

On the podcast - Visibility Stories, Part 2 - One of the best things about the Design+Style Club is getting to watch everyone grow their visibility skills. Today, we're talking to four more members about their stories. By the way, these stories have been so fabulous that we're adding a Visibility Stories feature on Wednesdays. If you'd like to share your visibility story (and get even more visible in the process, book your appointment today!

On the blog - Some Things You Should Know About Me - Part 2 - Rachel shares her take on sharing her personality with her clients.

We were feeling the love last week from the gals at Badassery Magazine! Not only did they feature us in their January issue as a Dynamic Duo to Watch in 2018, we also were guests on the Badassery Podcast. (Make sure you check out the episode right before ours to hear their interview with Gary V and the one right after ours for their interview with Dezignwall's Joseph Haecker.)

Visibility Challenge Info

Use #DNSFBLIVE on your challenge posts to make them easy for us to find! If you have any questions, feel free to tag us in a post in the Design+Style Club.

We started the week chatting about the challenge on Coffee Talk.

Visibility Challenge - Day 1

Visibility Challenge - Day 2 and a few more thoughts on showing your work

Visibility Challenge - Day 3

Visibility Challenge - Day 4

Visibility Challenge - Day 5