Weekly Roundup - December 15, 2017


What a week! On Monday we had NINE interviews with Design+Style Club members (for a very special episode to start off the new year) and Tuesday we got to chat with the fabulous Cheryl Janis. Add in getting ready for a special Facebook video with some of our favorite podcasters and planning for some in-person Design+Style visibility in 2018 and WHEW! Talk about a whirlwind!

By the way, If you haven't finished filling out your Christmas wish list, next week's podcast is going to be all about our favorite things - the services and products that keep our busy lives from being CRAZY busy.

Grapefruit Mimosas

A special thanks to D+S Club member Shandra Ward for sharing her recipe! We can't wait to taste it!


Design and Style Pro Tip


Even if your personal Facebook profile is set to private, you should still share your business info in your intro.

Design+Style Facebook Intro Instructions

Here's how to update it on your laptop:

1. Hover your mouse over the top right-hand corner of the intro box and then click on the pencil icon that appears. Add in a mini-bio and save. 

Design+Style Facebook Intro Instructions

2. Now click on About (right next to Timeline under your cover photo).

Design+Style Facebook Intro Instructions

3. Click on Add a Workplace to add your business. MAKE SURE that you select your business page so that Facebook can add a clickable link. You can see here that one of the pages Dixie helps manage popped up as the first option.

Design+Style Facebook Intro Instructions

Use the down carrot beside the word Public to choose which info is public and which is private.

Voilà! People on Facebook can now find your business easily without you having to have your entire personal profile set as Public.

Our Favorite Finds of the Week

Crap, It's Christmas - A humorous look at being intentional this holiday season by Colleen Markley of Yes, It Really Happened.  

Italian Graphic Designer Finds Pantone Colors In Natural Landscapes And Cities - A serious treat for the eyes! (By the way, we'd love to know which of those photos is your favorite. Hit reply and let us know!)

Facebook Video Algorithm Update - Mari Smith gives an update on what the new changes mean for our Facebook pages. 


In case you missed it...

This week's podcast episode with Interior designer, podcaster, and author Cheryl Janis. Listen in as we chat about her journey to her design path and her unique take on visibility.

Winning Wednesday - This week's winner was Jennifer Tampasis of Jennifer Lynn Interiors. Between her 12 Days of Christmas Decorating video series and her in-person visibility, Jennifer is rocking it!

Our Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Creative Business blog post that we shared last week has been a big hit. (We'll be adding to it after the Our Favorite Things podcast episode this coming Tuesday.)

We took a tour of the Visibility Lab (and included a special offer just for you!). By the way, if you've been thinking about joining the Lab, here are nine reasons why you should go ahead and sign up.