Thinking About the Visibility Lab?

Investing in a membership group is a big decision for a small business owner. Not only is there the cost of the membership to consider but you’ll also need to set aside time for learning, which might mean managing your time differently.

It’s totally normal to worry about whether you’re making the right decision.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common concerns prospective members have asked us about joining the Visibility Lab.

If you’re not familiar with Visibility Lab, it’s a membership group that covers everything you need to know about visibility both online and offline - for example: how to leverage livestreams and videos for your business, how to come up with and repurpose content, self portraiture empowerment, creating real life connections in your community and a whole lot more.

The membership is best suited for solopreneurs who are committed to putting themselves ‘out there’ and finally getting visible. It is also suitable for small design firms who want to uplevel their visibility so that they can work with industry brands.

Concern 1: ‘I’m just not ready to be visible’

Some prospective members tell us that they want to be visible – and really need to get in front of new clients – but want to wait until they’re “ready”.

Our Advice: We think that you need to start before you’re “ready”! Why is that? Because you’ll never be ready. We like to use the phrase, “Get ready to get ready”. That means, become a member of the Visibility Lab, and we’ll help you get your head in the game.

Concern 2: ‘I’d rather wait until I can afford to hire a PR company to do it for me’

Some prospective members tell us that they’d rather put off getting visible until they can afford to hire a PR company. 

Our Advice: Hiring a PR firm can be pricey. Can your business afford to wait until you have that kind of budget to get press coverage?

Visibility is FREE and PR means connecting to the media. You definitely want to get comfortable on your own platforms first before you have a camera in your face as well as a 6-person camera crew staring at you while you ‘perform’. Trust us, we know from experience.

Concern 3: ‘I don’t have the time’

Some prospective members tell us that they don’t have time for visibility. That they are too busy “making money” to focus on it.

Our Advice: Getting visible now can help attract visitors to your website, build credibility and raise your profile both with prospective customers and industry brands – all of which generates leads, new projects and can lead to collaborations. So if you can’t make time for activities that generate new projects/clients, you may need to rethink your priorities. You might be busy right now, but if you’re not generating a constant stream of leads, things might look different in a few months.

With the right strategies in place, getting visible doesn’t have to be time-consuming. 

Concern 4: ‘I’m not a very good at video’

Guess what? No one is in the beginning. In fact, you should see our first videos! 

Our Advice: We all have to start somewhere and that somewhere is in the Visibility Lab. It’s a safe place to ask questions, get feedback but more importantly, you’ll get the tricks and tools that we have learned from doing a combined total of over 800+ videos! That being said, we always start with what’s between your ears aka: mindset and then move into the technical stuff from there. 

Concern 5: ‘I don’t have anything interesting to say’

Some prospective members don’t realize how interesting their lives and businesses are to their prospects. They don’t see how visibility can help their business and think that just don’t have anything interesting to say.

Our Advice: Our Design+Style community of designers is at about 1,300 people. We have yet to come across a designer who doesn’t have an interesting story to tell or an expert point of view that would be helpful to their followers and prospects. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! We’re always blown away by the amazing gifts, talents and experience that our designers bring to the table! 

Concern 6: ‘I’ll be overwhelmed with new clients’

A common concern we hear from prospective members is that they’ll attract too many clients and will be overwhelmed work

Our Advice: As much as we’d like to tell you that every bit of content that you put out will attract a swarm of raving fans…this is very unlikely to happen. If you’ve studied up (even a little bit) on marketing, you’ll know that it takes, on average, around seven or eight touchpoints before a prospective client pulls the trigger to hire you for your services. Visibility via social media is just one of those touch points. So the more times a prospective client hears a mention of your business name, the more likely they are to hire you.There are always exceptions to this rule and if you happen to be one of them, that’s a good problem to have. You’ll have a nice pool of clients to choose from and can work with only the clients that are the best fit for you.

Concern 7: ‘I sell products rather than offer a service.’

Some prospective members tell us they don’t think that this membership is a right fit for them because they run a product-based business.

Our Advice: If you’re looking to put your product out there, this membership is relevant for you. The learning materials include strategies and resources that will work for your product based business as well. Plus, if you have a product that you are selling directly to interior designers, what better place to get honest feedback than in a private Facebook group full of your target demographic? 

Concern 8: ‘I’m not ready to be the face of my business’

Some prospective members tell us they want visibility for their design firm – but they don’t want to be featured themselves.

Our Advice: Here’s some tough love from your favorite Design+Style gals: If you slapped your name on your business and thought that you could hide behind your laptop - you’re wrong. You are both a brand and the face of your business and you need to step into that role by being visible both online and in your community if you are going to be successful. It’s hard, we get it and that’s exactly why we created the Visibility Lab. 

Concern 9: ‘I’m worried that I’ll mess up and look stupid’

Some prospective members tell us they don’t think that they can get visible because they will look stupid.

Our Advice: That’s perfectionism talking. We know from experience that there are two things that plague designers and they are: perfectionism and procrastination. We tackle both of these in the Visibility Lab.

Concern 10: ‘I tried it and it doesn’t work’

Some prospective members tell us that they did a livestream or video – but ‘nothing happened’. 

Our Advice: Your business will not blow up after posting a couple of Facebook and Instagram posts. 

Visibility is long-game business strategy. We like to say around here, that you have to keep ‘feeding the beast’. As you get more visible, you will attract new clients, create relationships, community and collaborations but more importantly, you will see your business grow in ways that you could not have expected or imagined. We know this because that’s how it happened for us but you have to take the first step.

Interested? You can sign up for the Visibility Lab >>> HERE