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Need blog help?

Dixie here. If you're having a tough time getting your blog posts written, you should know about Misha Hettie from Uncommonly Good Biz and her Blog Besties program

What is Blog Besties?

Blog Besties is your business's favorite new subscription.  You'll get once-a-week blog guides specifically created for your design biz. Every week, Misha sends you a video with a topic, some suggestions on how to personalize the post for your biz, and then a breakdown on exactly what to write - section by section.

I've been using Misha's help with my blog posts for over a year. Her prompts make it super easy to pick a topic and the way she breaks down each post makes it a breeze to write. All you have to do after that is add a few photos or graphics and post it! Easy peasy! (And her program is totally affordable.) Click the button below for more info. You'll be glad you did!