My Journey to Becoming a Visibility Warrior

Design+Style Visibility Warrior Rachel Moriarty

In preparation for the launch of Visibility Warrior course, I decided to go back in time to find a great photo of me working in corporate as a private banker. What I found is that there are practically NO photos of myself at that time. I know, I was shocked too because I’m SO visible online now.

I reflected back on my journey as an entrepreneur. I remembered taking that first step of hanging out my “virtual shingle” and trying to still fly under the radar as I had learned to do during my stint as a corporate banker. I remember hiring a copywriter before I hit publish on my website to answer all the questions that I wasn’t prepared to answer myself. Questions like… you have a degree in interior design? No. Can I see your portfolio? No, because I’ve been working as a banker for the past 8 years. Why would someone hire a banker to decorate their home? Now that was a tough one even for me to answer.

I decided to makeover my own home and started posting those photos and the projects started rolling in. Slowly I got more and more comfortable posting photos of my work but I was still camera shy. I hadn’t been IN FRONT of the camera for over a decade. In my 20’s working on fashion photo shoots, I was comfortable both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. I was always jumping on set to test the camera angles and lighting while the models got their hair, makeup and wardrobe finished. I was even called a “muse” by one photographer but now, decades later at 45 years old, I wasn’t as keen to jump in front of the camera again.

Staying invisible would’ve been the easy choice but it wasn’t an option as an interior designer in today’s social media world. I hired a coach….yes, you heard me right, I HAD to work with a coach to help me bust through some blocks, get in front of the camera again, to stand proudly in front of my work as a designer and not hide behind my laptop and more importantly to take my rightful place as the face of Rachel Moriarty Interiors. The journey to becoming a Visibility Warrior wasn’t easy, you have to do the work and you have to show up. I know because I’ve been right where you are.

The first step, the DECISION to become a Visibility Warrior is the hardest. Sign up for the course and we’ll walk you through the rest.