The Design+Style Podcast is co-hosted by Dixie of Dixie Willard Design and Rachel of Rachel Moriarty Interiors.


We met in an online interior design marketing mastermind. It could have been the way our senses of humor played against each other or the way we came up with solutions to business problems together (or a combination of both) that lead to us deciding to become business besties after we left the mastermind. After a while, we noticed that our weekly check-in chats tended to be about the same things other designers were challenged by, so we decided to try recording our chats. The central theme in everything seemed to be visibility. Where to find potential clients. How to get in front of them. How to distinguish ourselves from all the noise that’s out there (and show that we’re more than just what you see on HGTV). And for Pete’s sake, how to not feel awkward when you’re networking. When we couldn’t find the resources we needed, we created them.


An interesting point is that in reality, we’re both introverts—Dixie especially. Going to networking events was PAINFUL. Putting ourselves out there on social media, our websites, and pretty much anywhere else was a challenge. We understand what a struggle it is to try to balance the daily business activities with finding the energy to go out and be visible. And most of the resources out there to help introverts? Suck ass. Seriously, have you seen the topics that people suggest for small talk? Do actual human beings ever really talk like all those articles and self-help books’ suggested conversations? We’ve figured out ways that work and don’t leave you feeling even more #awkwardturtlelonely at events or online and we’ve teamed up to teach these techniques to other business owners so they can get the most out of their visibility efforts. There’s no reason for anyone to feel like they’re broken when it comes to getting visible—we want them to feel strong, confident, and empowered.


We work hard to make sure the Design+Style Club is a fun, supportive, high-vibe community. GIFs are encouraged. Wine and Design (or even Moonshine and Design!) chats are a thing. Heck, we’re like the cool aunts who teach you to swear and sneak you the stuff your parents won’t let you have. At the core of everything we do, though, is the goal to make our community feel comfortable enough to try new ways to get visible. If that new thing doesn’t pan out, no big deal—let’s see what we can learn from it and move on.


Our Team

Dixie Willard Interior Design

Dixie Willard, NCIDQ
Co-Host and Interior Designer

Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Rachel Moriarty
Co-Host and Home & Personal Style Expert

Dixie is a formally trained interior designer who started her journey studying engineering. She loves interior architecture and construction sites and in a perfect world, she likes to end the design process right where Rachel’s design process starts. Give Rachel four walls, gallons of paint and decorative elements and she’s in her zone of genius.

We approach design from different sides of the brain and are here to show you that there is no right or wrong way to be a designer. Whether you are formally trained with lots of letters behind your name like Dixie or came to the design industry organically after decades of working as a creative stylist like Rachel, we know you’ll love hanging out with us week after week as we chat about all things design and the business side of being a solo entrepreneur.