Lindsay Paoli with Design Manager

Show Notes:

Lindsay Paoli, Design Manager

Lindsay is a University of Delaware graduate (go Blue Hens!) and joined the Design Manager team after spending a few years working as a meeting planner and marketing coordinator. Her dad was a builder and her mom was an interior designer, so pair that background with her outgoing personality and she fits right in to the face-paced tech environment at Design Manager. 

She started in Sales, but quickly moved into Marketing and then Management, and more recently into the Executive Team.  She has enjoyed spending late nights helping designers grow their businesses by listening to their pain points and developing technology to address them.  While helping interior designers run successful businesses is her first love, her second love is cultivating the brand and culture at Design Manager.  In her spare time though, you can find her going on adventures with her husband and two adorably demanding toddlers, enjoying new restaurants or cheering on her beloved Philadelphia sports teams with her friends and family.


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Gather with Scottie Elliot

Gather with Scottie Elliot

This week on the podcast, we have Scottie Elliott. Scottie is the co-founder of Gather, an online collaboration platform that helps interior designers manage and share project specifications with team members and clients. She and her husband Brian, an accomplished software designer, saw the need for a simple tool that would allow designers to easily manage and share all the nitty-gritty details of their projects. This realization led the two to join forces and build Gather.

Interiors, Photograph, and Visibility with Linda Holt

Interiors, Photograph, and Visibility with Linda Holt

This week on the podcast, we have Linda Holt. Linda launched her interior design business in 2011 after a twenty five year career as one of Boston’s top commercial head shot photographers. Not only has Linda recently released a photo editing service for bloggers, designers, and realtors, she's also working on an online photography class geared towards interior designers and creatives to help them get the best photos possible using their iPhone. Join us as we talk about the challenges of interior design photography, and why an architectural photographer is really worth their weight in gold.

Authentic Visibility with Michelle Wintersteen

Authentic Visibility with Michelle Wintersteen

This week on the podcast we have Michelle Wintersteen. Michelle was the brand designer and creative director behind MKW Graphics, a freelance design agency that specializes in helping small businesses turn their brand visions into beautifully functional visuals. Join us as we find out how she combines being a digital nomad with visibility for her own business and how you can produce less content and get more impact by being authentic and having a specific brand strategy.

Social Media and Visibility with Darla Powell

Social Media and Visibility with Darla Powell

This week on the podcast we have Darla Powell. Darla brings a fun, genuine down-to-earth approach to designing beautiful spaces--serious emphasis on the fun! Since she launched her career in 2016, clients have fallen in love with her work, growing her business almost exclusively by word of mouth. But don't let that fool you, Darla also has an amazing Instagram game and her blog is top notch. Join us as she tells us how she grew her Instagram, why she changed her Instagram strategy, and what she has coming up next.

Blogging and Visibility with Carla Aston

Blogging and Visibility with Carla Aston

This week on the podcast we have Carla Aston. Carla is a Texas-based interior designer whose boutique design firm focuses primarily on remodel design. Twice weekly in her design blog, Designed with Carla Aston, Carla shares tips, advice, projects and all kinds of design goodness with her readers. This week we'll be talking to her about how she uses her blog as an additional income stream, how having comments turned on in your blog can help boost your SEO, and using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Savvy Giving with Susan Wintersteen

Show Notes:

Susan Wintersteen, Founder/President of Savvy Giving by Design

“One of my favorite quotes throughout the years,  ‘You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you’ has inspired me to LIVE  my life.”

Susan is an Interior Designer and General Contractor and mom of 5 daughters. She founded Savvy Giving by Design in 2014. After offering to make over a local teens room who had been diagnosed with cancer, Susan looked to her team to create a space that would provide her with the healing needed to help her fight through treatment. Today, Susan does a new room about every 6 weeks and is working on expanding Savvy Giving by Design nationwide. Susan resides in the North County of San Diego and runs a full time interior design and remodeling team, Savvy Interiors. 


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Visibility Pro Tips with Dayna De Hoyos

Show Notes:

Dayna De Hoyos, of Stella Haus Films

Dayna De Hoyos has been in the world of art since the age of 18 when she began her formal training in fine art at San Antonio College, and the University of Texas. She studied painting, drawing, theatre, radio, television, and film. After college she pursued her passion and opened an artist run space at the Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, Texas. Stella Haus Art Space showcased new and established talent for a decade and contributed to the success of the art community through membership on the Blue Star Museum Board of Directors, as well as curating shows monthly. She pursued her passion for painting, photography, and film in her art making as well as promoted others. She exhibited her own work in museums across the country and in in the collections of Barry Manalow, Estee Lauder, and Dave Matthews to name a few.  

In 2012 Dayna closed Stella Haus Art Space and moved from San Antonio to the area of Fredericksburg, Texas. She married her college sweetheart Sky Patterson, and started Stella Haus Films to continue to pursue her artistic abilities by making films and photography commercially. Dayna currently lives and works on Stieler Ranch, her husbands historic ranch where she makes social media video, branding films, commercials, and art films for her clients.  She also creates photography including headshots, branding imagery, food photography, and social media photo content.

The other side of Stella Haus Films is Wedding Films which unlike most wedding video has a more cinematic and artistic bent. In her spare time she raises horses, chickens, and is a dog mama to a border collie named Ruby and a slew of rescue kitties.  She also enjoys running, cooking, and gardening.


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